G5 Ranch

A place where anyone can experience and feel acceptance, love, care, and encouragement. Tim, Gaye, Blake, & Breann Goad (We) have a purpose to train, equip, empower, inspire, and challenge families, leaders, and emerging leaders. For 35 years Tim Goad has had the dream of having a place to advance the fulfillment of that purpose. In August 2012 that 35 year dream became a reality when Tim Goad purchased The G5 Ranch.

At the G5 Ranch, we know that culture trumps strategy and talent every time! The proper environment and atmosphere gives people a place to grow and thrive. It is in a safe environment where people can learn, adjust, change, and develop. At the G5 Ranch you will experience encouragement, challenge, inspiration and get a new picture of yourself and the great future that lies ahead.

G5 Leadership

Changing the world one leader at a time.
We have helped countless numbers of professionals learn the strategies and leadership principles necessary in creating an environment of excellence in corporations, ministries, and individuals. Tim draws upon over 30 year’s worth of leadership experience to help people attain new levels of success and effectiveness. Not merely training leaders; but developing them.

The Goads create a new approach for their audience and then teach them how to apply the valuable lessons learned by their everyday life, both professional and personal. Benefit from a multi-pronged approach, that taps into the key areas that must be addressed for real change to occur! Be a leader. Do the right thing. At the right time. For the right reason.

Held On The First Tuesday Of Each Month

Learn Effective Leadership

Techniques Including:

How to apply the valuable lessons learned in everyday life, both professional and personal.

The importance of a clear and compelling vision as well as the crucial role of self-leadership.

Proper mindset – an essential ingredient toward the effectiveness any leader maintains with their group.

Ignite your inner fire, passion and become an awesome leader in everyday in every aspect..

“Leaders Become Great, Not Because Of Their Power, But Because Of Their Ability To Empower Others!”
Tim Goad

Leading Ladies

  • The Leading Ladies Mission:
  • Discover your strengths.
  • Lead with purpose.
  • Communicate with confidence.
  • Build meaningful relationships.
  • Become the role model you have always strived to be.


The mission of the Leading Ladies is to bring together women to build a foundation of leadership skills that will advance their personal and professional goals while encouraging them to explore new paths and processes. Join Gaye in a safe, intimate environment where you are able to share challenges and receive encouragement and affirmation.

Enjoy inspirational discussions, practical instruction, and plenty of opportunities to learn new ways to become a better leader in all aspects of your life. Learn from Gaye and your peers how they contribute to their families, society and their organizations in positive ways to become the next female role models.

“Attitude Is A Choice. Make It Awesome!”
Gaye Goad

Couples & relationships

Relationships strengthened. Marriages restored. The lost found.

Experience a life changing day of relationship and family equipping time. These workshops are for young adults, singles, and married couples alitke. Even if your marriage is the best its ever been, we can all use a little boost! A little maintenance and those gentle reminders that keep us on the right path.

After a day with the Goads, you will begin to see yourself and your relationship in a new light. We promise you a fun, enlightening and uplifting experience. The Goads make the day and the message completely relateable, never boring or condeming. Tim and Gaye have held relationship days all over the country for many years – visit the G5 Ranch and enjoy a day that will be sure to change your life.

Areas Of Focus Include:

  • Conflict resolution.
  • Bringing out the best in each other.
  • Celebrating our differences.
  • Equipping singles for dating the right person.
  • How to keep your family together.

“I Wish I Had Brought So Many More People- I Had No Idea This Was Going To Be So Enlightening And Fun.
I Would Recommend The Relationship Day That Tim And Gaye Do, To Everybody” –

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