The Numbers Are Staggering:

  • 5,000 volunteers
  • Over $300 million worldwide
  • 88,000 at-risk kids
Make an impact

We believe we are commissioned to feed the poor, help the widows and give hope to the hopeless. Imagine the cry of despair from a mom in Haiti, whoʼs young child is eating dirt to stay alive. Its difficult for us to relate but its not difficult for us to help. This moms answer is nutrition and food. Our donors, through their giving, have sent vitamins and provided 1000ʻs of meals to Haiti and Honduras.

This has been life giving and life changing to many moms, kids and dads. There is also a great need for mentorship and leadership in these countries and Tim has had the privilege of leading men in their leadership development. We believe this is a great way to add value and help give these nations a vision for the future.

Dear Children, Let Us Not Love With Words Or Speech But With Actions And With Truth. 1 John 3:18