Pastor Tim Goad

I can remember even as a young man having a deep passion and desire to help people to know who they truly are and to help them realize the incredible potential that God has put inside of them . I see that so many of us believe the lie that was once whispered to us and we forget that the only whisper that we should be following is the voice of an almighty God that created us for greatness and blessing. As a pastor my vision is to build the Church of Jesus Christ and to build a home for people to worship, seek, pray and give their best to God.

“Grace means all your mistakes now serve a purpose, instead of serving shame!”
Tim Goad

Want to worship with us?

Our G5 Church welcomes you and your family to join us every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm. Come join us in all of the fun, food, and fellowship! We look forward to seeing you there!