About the Goads
The Goads Family

The Goads travel the U.S. and other countries weekly, as a family. Their mission is to give hope to the hopeless, restoration to marriages, healing to hurting families and renewal to leaders. Their kids join them, as they themselves mentor other young people and give them hope and guidelines to stay strong and be a great example.

Tim And Gaye Goad

Tim Goad has been doing  ministry, music, speaking, and leadership development  for over 30 years.  At age 18 he founded and developed a charity that has been active in over 100 countries providing  millions of meals, medicines and clothing to millions in need. He developed a leadership program for at risk children in over 20 cities in the U.S. Through this program, life skills and character development has given these children a huge jump start in the right direction. He has worked with hundreds of people on an individual basis in personal coaching  and life skills. He has become a very sought after speaker for many huge corporations throughout the United States and other countries. He has performed in front of millions of people(including Mother Teresa, President Ronald Reagan, and President George H.W. Bush).

Tim travels the United States and other countries spreading hope for the hurting, through music, and speaking. He has been very instrumental in helping in Haiti. He just recently helped build a medical clinic  in Haiti, and continues to send food, clothing  and vitamins . His work in India, Russia, and Africa are still continuing. Tim just received the Children’s Charity Award at the National Charity Dinner in Washington D.C.

Gaye has been married to Tim for 20 years. She has been involved in his ministry from day one of their marriage. She started a very special program that was dear to her heart. She wanted to have a time when women of all walks of life, including the at risk women, could come together and truly grow and develop. She didn’t want it to be a time for women to get together and complain and bash their husbands. She called it True Girlfriends. Gaye and her husband have written 3 books on relationships and family and have recorded many teaching cd’s. Gaye and Tim travel the United States and other countries teaching on marriage and family. They have a desire to see marriages healed and families restored. Gaye, is in the process of writing a book on her story of low self-esteem  and hopes to help girls and women understand their worth in God.

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